One fine day we thought of getting our Home Automated, Like Motion sensors, mobile controlled lights, automated curtains, voice controlled home, smart door locks, etc. We searched through the entire Internet for two to three days, but could not find one single vendor who can provide us complete automation. Everyone was connected to one and the other vendors to give us the solution. But because of this, pricing were going high due to the commission of all individuals. That’s where we came up with the problem featuring in the market which many like us must be facing, and could not fulfill the dream of getting their home automated at a reasonable cost. Because we ourselves had a background of Engineering & Management, so we came up with a Brand iSmart_for_U.

Here we are to provide you a complete range of automation. Earlier we started with Home Automation. With time our team did various testing on sensors and enhanced their skills, and now we provide a complete range of automation. Be it Home, Office, Warehouse, Factories, Societies, Hospitals and Energy Saving Solutions.

Pratiksha Maheshwari


Holds an MBA with focus on Marketing and has an extensive experience in customer service. Taking inspiration with the Idea of Customer being the Queen and not the King as these days we just not focus on the expressed needs but also cater the unexpressed demands. She ensures to designs Smart Homes for providing a world-class convenience, comfort and ease of use.

Dhruv Sharma


After completing his he came up with the idea of Automation at affordable rates. Has wide experience in the installation and alteration of the automation devices as per the customer needs. He is an expert in doing the Energy saving projects and drives out the best results in the minimum costing. His idea is to develop and build home, office and industries where electricity bills are not a pain point.

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