While designing a Modern Home one Day we saw trees getting cut and thought about our childhood where we grew up and played in gardens, breathed fresh air, slept under the trees and enjoyed the beauty of the nature. With this thought in mind we came up with the Idea of building Smart Homes, which not only provide aesthetics and comfort but also think of the environment and even benefit the customer in cutting down the electricity bills. This not just helps in saving the trees but also helps the country in lighting up the villages. We provide a customized solution so that we can cater to needs of all our customers irrespective of how much they want to spend.

We are not limited to just Smart Home Designing, but also provide Energy Saving solutions to factories, offices, buildings, hospitals and warehouses, so that they can save energy and cut down their electricity bills. We started with a team of two and have now outgrown ourselves where we have expert smart home designers who listen and understand your everyday problems and drive out a solution. We build a Home that looks beautiful and also listens to you.


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Pratiksha Maheshwari


Holds an MBA with focus on Marketing and has an extensive experience in customer service. Always had the passion and interest in the field of designing homes. Taking her passion to the next level she started designing super luxurious and smart Homes from 2015. She takes inspiration with the Idea of Customer being the Queen and not the King as she not only focuses on the expressed needs but also cater the unexpressed demands.

Ismart For U | Automation Simplified | About Ismart | Ismart Team

Dhruv Sharma


After completing his he assisted many turnkey projects for the architecture and the electrical diagrams. He came up with the idea of Automation at affordable rates. He is an expert in doing the Energy saving projects and drives out the best results in the minimum costing and has assisted brands like Dominos, BPCL, Career Avenues, Jaypee Institute. His idea is to develop and build home, office and industries where along with the comfort and aesthetics, electricity bills can even be reduced.

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