5 Home Automation Products for Gifts

home automation gifts

Looking for a present for your tech-savvy relatives and friends? What about IoT-enabled Home Automation Devices? These future devices make people’s life easier, provide constant entertainment, and assist automate household tasks. In this day and age, almost everything you use on a daily basis has a high-tech counterpart. Whether you’re related to a techie or married to one, your loved ones are entitled to more than a generic gift card. A thoughtful present is always preferable to a trip to the electronics store. Smart Home presents are a wonderful choice whether you’re shopping for a techie or a non-techie. You may give them something simple to get them started with smart home technology or something more complex to help them advance their Home Automation.

Below are few gifts for Home Automation Lovers:

  1. Voice Controlled Devices: Alexa, Amazon’s AI-based, is a future voice-controlled gadget powered by Alexa. Echo is a Smart Home Gadget that informs the weather, plays music, answers questions, and controls other IoT devices such as lights and switches. It seems fantastic for such a little gadget, and your friend or family will enjoy experimenting with Amazon Alexa. It also has a useful LED clock. The new Alexa comes in four different colors and has a sleek new speaker. The Echo 3rd Gen is a Smart Speaker that can manage your house’s smart plugs, lights, and other technology through Bluetooth and smart home connectivity. The updated Echo Dot offers many of the same capabilities as the original Echo Dot, such as answering queries, setting timers, and managing smart home devices. This edition, however, has a better speaker, fresh colors, and additional games and talents.


  1. Smart Hub/Home Control: The Smart Things Hub is a controller hub, which links other IoT devices wirelessly. It is the Brain of a Smart Home, allowing you to monitor and control all of your smart gadgets. You can manage lights, locks, cameras, thermostats, and a variety of other devices in your house from anywhere using its accompanying smartphone app. To get ready for your pet walker’s arrival at 2:00 p.m., turn on the foyer Smart Lights and open the front door, or provide access credentials. Dim the living room lights and start a romantic playlist by grouping smart devices into nuanced experiences or “scenes” like “Saturday date night.”  Various hubs like Google Smart Home Hub, Samsung Smart Thing Hub are useful are useful and elegant gadgets for the lover.


  1. Security Systems: Smart Cameras crank up the volume on the classic security camera concept. Wi-Fi connections allow these cameras to be seen and operated remotely using a smartphone app. Many can also save the film to the Cloud, avoiding the need for a potentially complicated on-site storage arrangement. In this area, there are several possibilities. Knowing whether you want indoor or outside cameras is the first step in selecting one. The primary difference is in the construction: outdoor cameras must withstand the weather, which means they are generally larger and constructed of more durable materials such as metal. Because they are less likely to be beaten up or tampered with, indoor cameras can be smaller and less noticeable. For instance like Google Nest, Wipro are definitely the options for Smart Home Lover who can be given this gift.


  1. Smart Lights: It used to be that only gods could control lights with their voices, but now we have Smart Lighting Systems that can make anyone feel all-powerful. Mesh networking is a type of smart lighting that links each smart bulb to its nearest neighbor wirelessly. A hub that connects into your router manages the network, allowing other networked devices to interact with your lights, such as your phone or tablet. Away from home mode is available on some systems, allowing you to control the lights when away from home. Smart lights include Siri, Alexa and many more.


  1. Smart Curtains: As we all know about “Smart Curtains”. Smart Curtains will automatically pull themselves entirely open or closed based on your instructions with a gently motorized tug. Say goodbye to getting up from your comfy chair and drawing curtains by hand with Smart Curtains that can be controlled remotely. Your curtains will open and close with an exquisitely smooth and, most importantly, quiet motion with just a single click or press of a button. Consider wired motors if you have the possibility of using wired-in technology. It lets you to include the curtains into your home automation system, which is excellent for larger and heavier blinds that require a constant power source to operate. If you’re concerned about having to modify your house to fit the motor, you may alternatively use a battery pack, which gives a wireless power solution without compromising your décor. Products of Companies like Yoolax and Ikea should be taken into consideration before buying gift.

 Hence, stating the above facts it is highly recommended for a Smart Home Lover to get these Smart Gifts so that it can make him cheerful and he can do every work at ease.


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