Its OK to have questions! We have listed down a few of the Frequently Asked Questions so as to help you understand the product better.

1) What type of light can be connected with motion sensor ?

Any type of Light can be connected with our motion sensor, like CFL, LED, Halogen, UV, Incandescent.

2) Can motion sensor be installed in my existing wiring setup?

The answer is YES

3) What all types of mounting come in motion sensors?

It is available in Wall mount, Ceiling mount, surface mount, and concealed type.

4) What all locations are feasible for motion sensors?

Main entrance, Toilets / Lobby, Corridor, Pantry, Parking Area, Garden Area, Terrace, Parking lots, Balcony, Meeting Rooms, Office cabins, Staircase

5) Can we get the automation done in our well built home?

Yes it can be done as we have retrofit solutions. No changes are being done to the existing electrical setup in your home for a complete home automation.

6) Can we get automation done from our electricians, or it is mandatory to use your team of experts?

You can get automation done from your electricians as well, our solutions are retrofit.

7) Do you work in collaboration with other interior designers as well?

Yes we are open for collaboration with other interior designers for automation.

8) Which option is better, complete interiors or only automation at the end?

We are comfortable with both options; client’s satisfaction is our priority.

9) What is the best time to get the automation done at site?

Answer might confuse you, but anytime is the right time to introduce automation. Even if your site is completed then also it can be done, and if its under construction then it can be done more easily.

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